Ariel Ting Wei Lu
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    brands include
    Google DeepMind
    Louis Vuitton
    Mercedez Benz
    IKEA Space10

    appeared onGoogle DeepMind _ Visualizing AI
    Talk _ HOCUS FOCUS in Berlin
    Talk _ FORWARD FESTIVAL 2024
    Interview _ InCG Magazine
    Account Takeover _ Panimation
    Artist Collective _ miss sudoku
    Featured _ Taupe Magazine Issue 1 & 2

    work with
    CG design & motion
    editorial illustration
    art direction
    art licensing
    exhibition curation

    Ariel Ting Wei Lu is a Houdini Designer & Art Director. Formerly the Deputy Director of International Entertainment Department at KHAM Inc. for five years.

    I work with research and development for both image and motion; speculative design, production, branding and academical research.
    Hailing from Taipei my family, work and studies have taken me to the United Kingdom, Sweden and now in Berlin.

    selected works

    Google DeepMind_Visualising AI
    featured artist, commissioned artwork
    Google DeepMind_Visualising AI
    featured artist, commissioned artwork
    Apple_Eye Candy
    case study
    research & development, production - still, motion, rendering
    H&M_Institute of Digital Fashion
    research & development, production - still, motion, rendering
    Editorialposter design
    IBM: think 
    look development, production, still, rendering
    Home to the Delivery Courier
    visual research crossover with Amsterdam based scholars from Slutty Urbanism
    Louis Vuitton_Louis 200research & development, production - still, motion, rendering
    a curiosity

    IKEA Space10  _  Swarovski  _  L'Oréal Paris  _  Del Core  _  Guinness  _  Jaguar Land Rover  _
    Estée Lauder  _  Autodesk  _  Mercedez Benz  _  Google  _  Hyundai  _  Samsung  _

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